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RCF Jolimont invests in high growth mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies. The METS sector presents outstanding investment opportunities, magnified in an environment of volatile commodity prices and historically high operating costs. Mining companies rely increasingly on METS companies to provide incremental as well as step-change solutions to improve productivity and lower costs.

RCF Jolimont has a highly experienced senior executive team with extensive commercial experience in mining, technology, private equity and finance. RCF Jolimont is part of Resource Capital Funds, a leading Private Equity group established in 1998 with a mining sector specific investment mandate spanning all hard mineral commodities and geographic regions. Since inception, RCF has supported 187 mining companies, with projects located in 51 countries and across 32 commodities.

Investing in Innovation

Jolimont Global is at the forefront of emerging technologies and ideas in the mining sector. We are continually scanning and evaluating best-in-breed mining technology products and services from around the world and have extensive relationships with leading research institutions and universities globally. We have met with and reviewed over 900 companies in our travels to the locations indicated on the adjacent heat map.

These are assessed on how well and how quickly they can deliver productivity improvements and bring significant solutions for mining companies. The end result is to make life safer and easier for front-line operational managers and teams while adding value to the operation.

Jolimont Global brings more than just capital. The team brings its industry knowledge, operational experience, and extensive networks.


Lex McArthur


Lex has 20 years of private equity experience and has made 38 technology investments. Prior to RCF Jolimont he co-founded Jolimont Capital where he worked from 2003 to 2012. Prior roles include founder and CEO of ADI, a technology seed investor, and CEO of Emerge CMC, a joint venture between Oracle, NEC, Telstra, and four major universities. His mining industry experience includes time as a Mining Engineer at Mt Isa in Queensland.

Lex holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, a Post Grad Diploma in Mineral Economics and a Post Grad Diploma in Applied Finance.

Charles Gillies


Charles has 20 years of private equity experience working with management teams on financings, restructurings and marketing. He has made 38 technology investments. Prior to RCF Jolimont he co-founded Jolimont Capital where he worked from 2003 to 2012. Prior roles include membership of Investment Committees, consulting, marketing and corporate advisory.

Charles has an MBA from the Melbourne Business School, a Bachelor of Science/Arts from the University of Melbourne and is a Senior Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Lyle Bruce


Lyle has 39 years in the mining and processing industry, mostly related to technology commercialization and implementation. He is currently Chair of METS Ignited , the Growth Centre for the METS Sector in Australia. Prior to joining Jolimont, he was CEO of GroundProbe, taking the Company from university research to commercial success as the world leader in mine slope stability monitoring. Lyle previously held roles with Mount Isa Mines and Rio Tinto.

He was Ernst & Young’s Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006. Lyle holds an MBA from Deakin University, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from the University of Technology, Sydney

John MacKinnon


John has over 20 years’ experience in equity research and corporate finance focused primarily on the global mining industry and global commodities. His most recent role in banking and corporate finance included Managing Director, Head of Metals and Mining for Deutsche Bank where he was advisor on several of Australia’s largest mining cross border deals.

John graduated from Macquarie University and the University of Ballarat and holds a B.Eng (Mining) and Post Graduate Diploma in Geoscience (Mineral Economics) with industry experience as a Mining Engineer in copper, lead/zinc and nickel mining operations in Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

Andrew Jessett

Vice President, Australasia

Prior to joining the RCF Jolimont team, Andrew was the founder, CEO and director of leading mining technology firm MineWare Pty Ltd. Andrew established MineWare in 2005 after independently creating and commercialising the world’s most advanced dragline monitoring system, Pegasys.

In 2017, Andrew successfully oversaw the acquisition of the MineWare business by Komatsu Ltd. Following the acquisition, he was a member of the Komatsu senior leadership team for mining. Andrew has been actively involved in the advancement of the mining technology sector in Australia, whilst maintaining a focus on international business development and industry trends.

Carol Bond


Carol has been the Chief Financial Officer with the RCF Jolimont team since 2007. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London since 1988, Carol came to Melbourne on secondment in 1989, becoming an Australian citizen in 1995. After working in Audit, Accounting and Tax Accounting she moved to a Practice Manager position and, before joining RCF Jolimont was a Practice Manager for both Accounting and Legal Firms.

Carol has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from the University of Leicester, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

“Jolimont Global is both an investor and a strategic partner”

– Alex Cervinka – CEO, Newtrax



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Former Investments

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APE Mobile




Blast Movement Technologies


$18 million increase in revenue for Northern Star Resources

$18 million increase in revenue for Northern Star Resources

Since implementing Minnovare’s Production Optimiser technology in March 2018, Northern Star Resources (NSR) have seen average drilled metres across their Kalgoorlie operations increase by up to 33%.

Jeff Brown, Principal Innovation and Technology at NSR: “The follow-on from that increase is an equally significant impact to the productivity, and ultimately profitability, of our operations. It’s a prime example of a concept [new technology] that quickly adds value to multiple areas – producing a better business outcome.”

At just one of their operations alone, NSR have achieved 42,000 additional stoped tonnes, ~8,300oz annually; increasing revenue by AUD $18m.

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US trucking companies set to benefit from SmartCap’s pioneering driver fatigue technology

US trucking companies set to benefit from SmartCap’s pioneering driver fatigue technology

SmartCap Technologies is expanding into the US trucking market. SmartCap’s wearable technology prevents microsleeps by providing accurate fatigue measurements in real time to operators and drivers.

“We are confident that we can transform the American trucking industry, making it safer and significantly reducing the risk from fatigue both for drivers and the businesses who employ them,” said SmartCap CEO Tim Ekert. “Across a nation as vast as the US, transportation of goods by truck is hugely significant – the industry employs millions of drivers and generates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year.”

“By eliminating microsleeps, our real time fatigue technology eliminates the number one cause of driver accidents in the workplace,” Ekert pointed out.

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Carborough Downs coal mine implements Commit Works technology

Carborough Downs coal mine implements Commit Works technology

Fitzroy Australia Resources is partnering with software company Commit Works to introduce digital planning and short interval control at its Carborough Downs coal mine in the Bowen Basin region of central Queensland, Australia

Commit Works’ Fewzion planning and scheduling software will be used by frontline planners, schedulers and coordinators, while supervisors, deputies and the crew will use large touchscreens and the integrated short interval control (SIC) app on intrinsically safe smartphones and tablets to communicate the progress of their work underground, ultimately keeping the planning and reporting process live.

Richard Livingstone-Blevins, COO of Fitzroy, commented: “This is a necessary and exciting step in our journey. Fewzion is a system that has been successfully implemented and proven in all of the industry-leading operations.

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VIST digitalisation now enabled by indurad radar tech

VIST digitalisation now enabled by indurad radar tech

Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider Zyfra Group’s subsidiary VIST Group has signed a deal with German radar technology and software company indurad, which offers anti-collision, volumetric inventory and positioning solutions for mining

As part of the new partnership agreement, VIST Group business development director Dmitri Klebanov said the company is looking to incorporate indurad’s solutions, particularly the collision-avoidance system and online volumetric scanning, into its systems.

According to VIST, the complex of Intelligent Mine technologies can increase “the utilisation of haul trucks and excavators up to 20-25% and drilling rigs up to 35%, as well as reduce costs for maintenance by 10-15% a year”.

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